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About us

Our company has extensive, long-term experience in the freight forwarding business as well as in transportation of heavy and oversized cargo. List of our Russian and foreign partners and the contract speaks for itself. We have successfully used in all modes of transport: Rail, maritime, automotive, aircraft - and their combinations. We organize for you any loading and unloading. Settled all customs formalities. In this park special is all the necessary equipment. We also offer rental special.

The main specialization of the company - transportation and forwarding of import and transit cargoes in the port of St. Petersburg and all relevant documentary processes.

Our main area of activity - the organization of all types of container cargo from / to fall in love in the world to Russia and CIS countries at competitive rates, as well as port forwarding cargo in the port of St. Petersburg, customs clearance and all relevant documentary processes. Container according to the principle "from door to door."

Over the years our company has accumulated a large database and extensive experience, based on which we are offering our customers


Since the first year of it's foundation 15 high graduated professionals are working in company on constant basis.

All employees had a professional experience of work in Sea Port, BSC and Baltic Customs.


Custom's capability

"Through VTT" procedure - a kind of special Transit Declaration which allows to move the cargo from container yard to customer's door according to only one Customs document.
Custom's broker license both at Baltic & St. Petersburg Custom's.
Bonded trucker license.
Bonded warehouse with custom's officer.
Consolidation cargo procedure.


Container yard located close to sea port terminals.
Capacity 300DC/HC x 40 ft, including 100RE.
Covered warehouse 1900 s.m., 2 gates.
3 meter fence around terminal.
Security - 24-hours armed guard.
Equipment - 2 Reach Stackers 40 tons each.
Custom's office.


12 heavy truck with 40 ft chassis. All - 2-5 years old.
2 Volvo - up to 28 tons cargo weight
10 Internatinal - up to 26 tons

Special cargoes

bulk cargoes,
Extra heavy and over dimensions cargoes,
Full warehousing service.


  • Trucking
  • Railfreight
  • River and Sea freight
  • International freight of oversized cargoes
  • Customs clearance
  • Customs Consulting
  • Warehousing
  • Shipment of mixed consignments within russia
  • International shipments of mixed consignments


The great experience of work, the availability of the necessary technical equipment, regular routes to a series of distances, representative offices in the airports at highly qualified staff allow us performing operatively qualitative, non-expensive Russian and international freight transportations by air transport.We offer to you:

International and Russian transportations;  Organization of export/import air transportation;  De/consolidation of import/export freights;  Drawing up of accompanying documents for the goods;  Freight delivery to consignee's door;  Customs transit from the airport to other customs (in Russia and CIS);  Transportation of both general and special categories of freights (dangerous, needing special transportation regime).

The most important direction of activity of TEUS is represented by international and Russian motor freight transportations by road with the use of the most optimal logistic schemes selected by you. The great experience of work in this sphere, the divaricated network of branches in Russia and abroad, the necessary technical equipment, the availability of highly qualified staff and the partner relations with the greatest freight transportation companies allow TEUS to offer qualitative and economically advantageous services. Traditionally, our company is liable and gives guarantees in the name of one logistic operator for the entire goods moving chain.


The railway freight transportations are one of the most comfortable and reliable ways of delivering great lots of freight, both to medium and far distances. At all stages of freight delivery, TEUS is liable for the end result, which is especially important at the combination of the railway transportation with other types of transport.

Railway transportation services:

Directions of railway transportations

  • Acceptance of any quantity of freight: from a sole container or car to route dispatches;
  • Permanent tracing of freight movement;
  • Transportation of complex, small dimension freights, and also of freights needing special transportation conditions;
  • Elaboration of schemes for the fastening and transportation of oversize and heavy freights;
  • Elaboration of separate routes and easy of transportation for certain types of freights;
  • Organization of railway transportations within Western Europe and South-East Asia;
  • Railway freight transportations in Russia and other CIS countries.

River and Sea freight

Company having its official representative offices in all main ports of Russia, offers the organization of delivery of your freight with the use of sea, river transport, and also the optimal transshipment in ports for the change of transport type.

Services at sea and river transportations:

Chartering of vessels of the MPP/RORO/HEAVYLIFT type for the transportation of heavy, off-clearance freights and wheel technique;

Services of chartering vessels of the river-sea type under Russian banner for the transportation of export and import freights with the use of the internal water ways of the Russian Federation.

Chartering of vessels with the deadweight from 3000 tones to 75000 tones for the transportation of general and bulk freights (cereals, metal, coal, fertilizers, iron-ore concentrate, etc.) to all distances, including:

From the Black sea ports to the Mediterranean sea ports;

From the Black sea ports to the Arabian gulf, countries of South-East Asia and China; From the Baltic sea ports to South-East Asia and China;

From the Baltic sea ports to the countries of Latin America;

From the Russian Federation ports to the Far East, to South Korea, Japan, China.

Organization of sea transportations with the use of various equipment, including 20-feet, 40-feet and High Cube containers, Flat Rack and Tank containers, etc.;

Receipt of any quantity of freight, drawing up of the necessary documents and rendering to you the possibility of permanent monitoring of the freight condition;

Performance of freight delivery and customs clearance;

Additional savings may be obtained in the period of summer navigation on the account of use of the river fleet with transshipment in Rostov-on-Don, and also at the organization of transshipment of your goods on Kerch Strait without entering the port;

The use of railway and motor ferryboats for the optimization of delivery without additional transshipments;

Elaboration of sketches for the fastening of off-clearance freights.

International freight of oversized cargoes

Company offers all of the services, concerning freight of oversized and overweight cargoes.

We offer:
"From door to door" delivery of oversized cargoes in Russia;
"From door to door" delivery of oversized cargoes outside the Russian Federation;
Tracking of oversized cargoes, as in as outside the Russian Federation;
Registration of special permits and other documentation including customs;
Loading and unloading services;
Temporary storage of oversized cargoes;
Insurance of a cargo;
Consultations of all of the questions concerning transportation of oversized cargoes;
Granting the information about location of a cargo instantly, during all the route.

Customs clearance

International cargo transportation is always connected with its customs clearing; therefore our company offers You a full complex of customs clearing services related to import, export and transit cargoes that are delivered or shipped by any type of transport.

Our services include:

Customs clearing of import/export cargoes;
Customs registration of cargos according to complex customs regimes such as temporary import-export, processing, customs clearing of humanitarian and technical aid, and overall turn-key customs clearance of the imported material contributions into authorized capital;
Wide range of cleared goods: contract and gratuitous deliveries, personal goods, diplomatic cargoes, transit cargoes;
Consulting and practical assistance in application of regulatory documents currently in force in the sphere of customs activities.
Selection of harmonized code as per TN VED.


Company offers a complex of high technology and quality warehousing services on the basis of own terminals and warehousing premises of our strategic partners. We are ready to perform the terminal processing of goods in all cities where TEUS offices are located, and to perform responsible storage of goods both for long and short periods of time. All TEUS terminals are monitored through modern systems of the WMS types and are provided with the necessary special equipment. On the warehousing premises the possibility of creation of the most favorable and necessary climatic conditions for warehousing exist.

The availability of a warehouse network and of own cross-docking premises allows to the clients of TEUS to gather goods from various suppliers for their subsequent transportation in one vehicle (or, for example, in a railway container). In combination with the possibility of partial delivery of freight from the warehouse and regular reporting on the stock, this may represent a real interest for the distributors.

Shipment of mixed consignments within russia

If you need to deliver a freight of small volume to any point of the Russian federation, this service would be optimal for you, concerning both the speed of transportation, safety, and cost.

Due to the fact that package freights are transported by trusted and verified routes, the delivery takes place in maximally short terms. At that also the transportation safety increases, as different, for example, from post services. The company TEUS is liable for all freights transmitted to us for transportation. If you need and want, the freights may be additionally insured. We already collaborated with large stores, advertising companies, industrial and distribution companies.


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